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Case Studies

An Airline Giant in the Cloud

American Airlines (AA), a travel industry leader, asked Vector to lend project management expertise to assist with the migration of their legacy HR and Payroll systems to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC).  The merger of American Airlines with U.S. Airways in 2013 led to the need for this business critical initiative. Starting in 2016, Vector partnered with AA and Deloitte to manage two important initiatives: end-to-end and parallel testing of their legacy American Airlines and legacy U.S. Airways HR and Payroll systems to SAP HEC.  Vector was able to combine certified project management expertise with best practice Agile and Scrum techniques to develop a successful test-management framework.  Vector is expected to contribute to the project throughout 2Q 2017.


Out-Schooling the Competition

National Education Institutes (NEI), a provider of post-secondary dental assistant education and general dental care services, recently engaged Vector to help them increase revenue, reduce expense, improve performance, and measure results throughout their organization.  Vector responded to the challenge by applying their “Balanced Approach to Results (BAR)” methodology.  Using BAR, Vector helped NEI formulate their goals, identify opportunities, and implement an action plan. During 3Q 2016, NEI realized an increase in revenue of 27% and a reduction in expense of 18%.  Initial results of a new continuous improvement program combined with key performance metrics are expected during 1Q 2017.

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